To order some artwork

    My standard portraits are in color. I use paints and color pencils and include much detail. YOU CHOOSE THE SIZE. I must have several photos for references, so I can determine eye color, fur & feather colors and textures. Two subjects can be on one page, though their sizes will be smaller. Mailing, postage & shipping costs are extra. My prices start at $75 PER SUBJECT, for an 8"x10". I do not supply frames or mats, but may make suggestions. My work should be displayed under glass to resist fading and damage (non glare glass if the room causes lots of reflections). Caricatures (humorous depictions) start at $50, in ink, from photos you send me. Phone: 330-990-0422   Email;  Thank you for your interest. See next page to place an order. I am located in NE Ohio